Here is a simple breakdown of our fee structure.

1. Intervals

a. Range 1: $0 - $99.99
b. Range 2: $100.00 – $999.99
c. Range 3: $1,000.00 - $9,999.99
d. Range 4: $10,000+

2. Total Fees

a. R1: 6%
b. R2: 7%
c. R3: 8%
d. R4: 9%

3. Customer Take Home Amount

a. R1: 94%
b. R2: 93%
c. R3: 92%
d. R4: 91%

   Our fee structure is designed to incentivize our users to sell cards of all brands and prices. We believe you should not have to pay a standard fee across the board and instead, should pay a fee based on the value of your card. We offer a unique array of features across our site and are still able to beat the fee structure of our competitors. Our goal is to get our users the most money for their cards at the quickest rate, thus increasing their asset turnover.